Linq vs Loop performance

Tuesday, September 01 2009 tips

The StackOverflow question Convince me to move to .net 3.5 (from 2.0) piqued my curiosity when against one answer the commenter wrote:

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Testing and Static Methods

Tuesday, September 01 2009 testing

I’m working with a large codebase at the moment, trying to write unit tests to ensure that the changes I’m making aren’t compromising the existing code.

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Coming up to speed

Thursday, September 10 2009 professional

Over on Five Whys Roy Osherove has an interesting post on how to find the hidden problems on your project.

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Co- and Contra-Variance in .NET 3.5

Tuesday, September 15 2009 csharp

A lot of the discussion about .NET 4.0 is revolving around the introduction of co-variance and contra-variance for generic types.

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TechEd New Zealand 2009

Saturday, September 19 2009 random

Overall, though I learnt a great deal and a lot of fun at TechEd this year, I feel as though the event didn’t quite measure up against past years. Whether it was a lack of deeply technical content (this year there were just five 400 level sessions) or simply that there was less that was new, due to the effectiveness of the blogosphere in spreading information, I’m not entirely sure.

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The Art of Unit Testing

Wednesday, September 23 2009 testing

It appears there are those who think it’s perfectly Ok to steal Roy Osherove’s latest book, “The Art of Unit Testing”.

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