It’s helpful when applications let me know that new versions have been released, especially when it’s a browser letting me know about a security update.

In most cases, though, the timing sucks - just as I open the application with a specific goal in mind, I’m given a choice to make. Either I allow myself to be hijacked down a upgrading detour, taking me away from my immediate goal, or I dismiss the upgrade dialog and have to remember to do it myself later on. Neither option is particularly helpful.

Today, I opened Paint.Net to trim a screenshot for another blog post, and saw this dialog:

What a superb idea - I can agree to upgrade the application with the latest version without interruption. I’m able to get on with my immediate task with the upgrade deferred until I’m finished with the application.

More applications should work this way … FileZilla, FireFox, Thunderbird, I’m thinking of you.


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