Clean Code

Sunday, September 12 2010 tips

Robert C Martin (aka Uncle Bob) gave a couple of presentations on “Clean Code” that I thought were worth sharing.

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Avoiding Null Checks

Monday, September 13 2010 smart-code

Courtesy of a link tweet from Ayende and a blog entry on, here’s an interesting way to avoid null checks in code: the .With() extension method.

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Wednesday, September 15 2010 tips

I just stumbled across this - a very useful extension LINQ library called MoreLinq.

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New Release of StyleCop Cmd

Sunday, September 19 2010 stylecopcmd

I’ve released a minor update (version 1.2) of the [node:63,title=”StyleCop Cmd”] tool, bringing it up to date with StyleCop release 4.4.

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Monday, September 20 2010 ux

It’s something glossed over by many developers, but Typography is a core part of the users experience, whether they are using a web application, a traditional rich client or a hybrid (like Silverlight).

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Where does your challenge come from?

Friday, September 24 2010 professional

Like most developers, I relish any green-fields opportunity - a chance to build a new system from the ground up, unfettered by history and to be able to do things the best way I know how.

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Working with fxCop

Monday, September 27 2010 tips

So I’ve finally managed to get fxCop officially adopted on a work project (*). Better yet, thanks to an upgrade, we now are using the Ultimate Edition of Visual Studio: I no longer have to use the command line of fxCop . Instead, It’s integrated right into the build.

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