The start of a new year is a good time to review the year that’s been, and to make plans for the year ahead. Over on his DevelopWithPasson.Com blog, Jean-Paul Boodhoo has a great post Strategies for becoming a better programmer:

  • Be prepared to unlearn

  • Validate assumptions about your skillset

  • Do less reading about what others are doing,and more doing of things that others may want to read about

  • Allow yourself to get into mad scientist mode at least once a week

  • Allow yourself to exhibit some planned NIH every once in a while

  • Don’t compete against anyone else except yourself

  • Don’t waste your time

  • Help the people around you to reach their full potential

  • Keep it fun

The list makes good advice - as I read his original post, I noted both things that I’ve been doing well, and some areas for improvement.

What are you doing this year to improve?


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