I’ve never understood vandals.

A small proportion of the graffiti in any big city can be considered as “urban art” because of the talent and time required for its execution, but most graffiti seems to be worse than useless. Tagging is particularly daft, as the perpetrators are effectively autographing their crime.

Spammers fall into the same category - without a way to contribute to society, they’ve become parasites making their mark in any way they can. You could even argue that they’re not even very good parasites, because they damage the health and viability of their host.

Even though you never see it, comment spam on this site is on the increase. It’s taking long enough to manage that I’m running out of time to blog.

You never see comment spam here because all comments here are moderated - I have to approve them before they become public. All spam - and only spam - is deleted on sight. Genuine comments will always be retained, even if I disagree with what’s written.

And in the faint chance that a spammer happens to read this: You’re not welcome here. This is my site, not yours. Go away. Find a new career. Yes, you have bills to pay, perhaps a family to support. Find a productive way to support yourself, one that doesn’t involve being a professional vandal.


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