Like many, I live in a busy household with lots going on. With a wife, two kids and a cat, we’re probably less busy than some - but it still sometimes seems like a challenge to keep up.

My wife and I both have smartphones - hers a droid, my an LG Windows Phone - so a few months ago we set up dual online calendars, with each phone configured to access both calendars, allowing us to see who is doing what, and when.

Extending this by adding calendars for our two kids, I ran into a persistent problem where my phone couldn’t sync the calendar, giving the error 8004010F.

Took me a while to find, but it turns out the problem isn’t with the phone, it’s with Google! Upgrading both kids accounts to include Google Mail (which they’re not going to use) fixed the synchronisation issue.

Blogged under the Good Samaritan principle.


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