When it comes to online access for my kids (currently aged 13 and 11), the challenge is to find an appropriate balance between safety and access.

Both kids have had control of their email accounts for a few years, under the terms of an Email Contract that we worked through.

Now they are a bit older - and now that social networks like Facebook are more popular - the time has come to agree new guidelines.

I’ve written up a new contract to cover all online access. It’s deliberately written in a technology agnostic fashion, to try and ensure it doesn’t become obsolete over time.

Before signing, I walked each kid through the entire contract, clause by clause, getting them to explain to me why each clause was there. This wasn’t a quick process, but it did ensure they understood the spirit of the contract, not just the letter.

Attached is a copy of the contract I’ve drafted - please feel free to copy and adapt to your own context and need.


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