Simpler code with DirectoryInfo

Tuesday, May 13 2014 smart-code

A couple of weeks ago at the Wellington .NET User Group we had a very interesting presentation from Patrick, one of the fine TradeMe developers, talking about the use of simple “value objects” to represent distinct kinds of information.

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Language Extensions for C#

Monday, May 19 2014 csharp

With the recent release (and open sourcing) of the Roslyn compiler for the .NET framework, I’ve started thinking about how it might be constructively used. The powers at Microsoft have made it clear that they won’t be putting the syntax of C# itself up for grabs - and for good reason.

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HTML to Markdown with Powershell

Saturday, May 24 2014 powershell

I’m working through converting my blog from Drupal to Jekyll (it’s a long story) and one of the things I needed to do is to convert a bunch of posts originally written in HTML into Markdown. With a little application of PowerShell, most of the heavy lifting was done fairly quickly - leaving just a manual review and tweak of each post.

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