It’s a curious thing how many developers - and other people in the ICT industry - have a problem with change.

Think about it.

As business software developers, if we do our jobs well, we end up making fundamental changes to the way that other people do their jobs. After all, no-one in their right mind is going to pay for a development team to spend a couple of years developing new software if the business is going to be unaffected by delivery.

If the business of software is enabling change (and it most certainly is) then surely we need to be open to change ourselves.

With a seemingly never ending flood of new frameworks, tools, techniques, languages, methodologies and security vulnerabilities, the list of things we need to learn is practically never ending.

The simple reality is that change is about the only constant in the ICT industry.

We can try to stand against the flood, continuing to do things the way we always have - and run risk of becoming both bored and obsolete - or we can embrace change, be engaged and stay current.

I know which sounds more fun to me - what about you.


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