Group Inspector is a simple application for non-technical users who need to be able to view information from Active Directory.

Designed for configuration by IT and for deployment to system owners, Group Inspector allows the end user to select an Application System of interest and to see which users are authorised to access that system, and with what rights.

Say, for example, that your company has a dedicated Budget system, developed in-house, that is used to create and track departmental budgets from year to year. Every department head has to use the system for their departments budget and can see only the figures for their own department; the company accountants can see the figures of every department, but have limited ability to change things.

Access to the Budget system is controlled by membership in different Active Directory security groups - Department heads get added to the Budget-Users group, accountants to the Budget-Reviewers group, and a couple of users to the Budget-Administrators group.

When the CFO wants to know who has access to the system, how does he find out?

Group Inspector is one way to deliver ready access to this information. Just add details to the .config file, deploy to the CFO’s laptop, and he can check access any time he likes.


  • Ultra simple user interface

  • Presents access information in Business Terms, not technical ones

  • Source code available for customization


Group Inspector is written and tested using .NET 3.5 SP 1.


Group Inspector is licensed under the GPL v3.