Being a professional developer is much more than just being paid to write code. There is a fundamental tension between solving todays problems and preventing tomorrows. I believe that one core skill that every developer should cultivate is the ability to write Maintainable Code - code that can be picked up by another developer in six months time and easily understood.

There are four central ideas to this presentation.

Being Perspicuous - clarity and accuracy of concise communication, both between parties now, and across the gulf of time.

Being Navigable - make it possible for people to find their way around the code. Make appropriate use of tooling to provide maps.

Being Principled - use known guiding principles as a basis for working. Good principles are easy to learn and provide a lot of guidance.

Being Safe - write code in ways that are safe for other developers to explore and understand


Audience Date
MS Communities Code Camp, Auckland August 2010
Palmerston North .NET User Group November 2010