I’ve been working on a major update to my Mandelbrot screensaver, a complete rewrite that brings it firmly into the world of .NET.

The project has been going pretty well, but now I’ve run into the darndest bug - one that is causing me no end of trouble.

I’m using the standard .NET application settings framework to store the settings of the screensaver.

When the screensaver is configured from the Screensaver control panel, the settings are loaded and saved correctly. I know this because the underlying user configuration file is updated and the details within the file are correct.

When the screensaver is previewed from the Screensaver control panel, the settings are loaded correctly and everything runs as it should.

But, when the screensaver is triggered by the OS, the settings are ignored and defaults are used for all of the configuration options!


Will post when I have a solution - would love to hear of one from you!


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