Digging through some old backups, I found some previously lost blog posts. These are posts that I “left behind” at some point when I migrated blogging platform, most likely when I abandoned my homebrew XML based system and adopted Drupal. Here’s the first batch of restorations.

On testing …

In Why test first development, I share a couple of posts talking about the impact of Test Driven Development.

Test Driven Development in Practice details one of my early experiences trying out the ideas of test driven development.

On professionalism …

On Fads and Attitude offers a perspective on a key difference between great developers and cowboys. Hint: it’s nothing to do with their choice of technology stack or their chosen development tools.

Code Margins talks about how (and why) I used to wrap all of my Delphi and C# code to a specific right-hand margin.

Coding Paradigms looks at three ways that a supposedly simple piece of code isn’t better than the alternative.

On Visual Basic …

Insanity, revisited is a followup to a prior post where I complained that Visual Basic was driving me crazy.


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