A history of the released versions of the OOSAlarm.

1.9 - March 2005

  • Installer now includes some sample images for your alarms;
  • Now using an NSIS based installer - much smaller size means quicker downloads;
  • Some cosmetic bug fixes;

1.8 - Jan 2004

  • On multiple monitor systems, now checks for the location of the mouse cursor when showing an alarm to ensure it is shown on the monitor currently being observed by the user.
  • Alarm dialogs can now force the user to wait a time (default 3 seconds) before they can dismiss the window.
  • Update to the design of the Application settings Window.

1.7 - Jan 2004

Significant upgrade:

  • Now springs to the front even under Windows XP;
  • Support for JPG and PNG files;
  • Redesigned the Alarm window to be tidier and frame the image better;
  • Reduced memory use - now only loads images when required, instead of loading all images on startup.
  • Minor GUI fixes to the Settings screen;

1.6 - Jan 2003

General release. No real changes from Version 1.5.

1.5 - November 2002)

Conversion to Delphi 7 at the request of a user. Limited distribution for testing.

  • Windows 2000 and XP support;
  • Preference file now stored under users profile instead of Windows directory;
  • Windows XP Theme compliance;
  • Fix for the Date vs Time of Day bug when setting start/finish times;
  • Improvements to general GUI design.


  • Addition of Sound support two days after review from ZDNet.
  • Correction of some UI bugs.
  • Distribution via Sneakernet to people I know of with OOS problems.


First Public Release.

  • Uploaded to Ziff-Davis Net.
  • Next day found some bugs which had gotten through testing. Damn.
  • Review from ZDNet moans about lack of Sound Support.


  • “Internal Release” - passed it around at work.
  • Support for configuring a different picture for each alarm, including preview of selected picture to Settings dialog.
  • Found that recognition of different pictures aided the reminder of what break to take.


  • Added the ability to configure Alarms through a Settings dialog.
  • All alarms still use the same Picture, but the program now knows to give up after business hours. (I think it was bugging the cleaners!)


  • Proof of concept for own use. Hard coded to 4 minute intervals with a lightbulb picture coming up.
  • Functional, but boring.