This is an application I wrote for my own use, to assist me with avoiding further problems with Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS), also known as Repetitive Strain Injury (or RSI). OOS Alarm is a repeating alarm clock which pops up regularly to remind me to take appropriate breaks during my work each day.

When dealing with my own OOS problems, in 1995, I was advised that I should take MicroPause breaks every three or four minutes to relax my shoulders and arms. However, like most people, I kept getting engrossed in my work and forgot more often than not! This alarm is my latest tool for helping me to look after myself - I hope it helps you as well.

This tool is released as a “Public Service” - it is Freeware - there is no charge for it. If you find it useful, use it. If not, don’t.

Remember that regular breaks can help manage an OOS condition, but that there are many other contributing factors. This software isn’t the entire solution - but it helps me. Your mileage may vary - please check with your Doctor if you have, or suspect you have, OOS of any kind. The sooner the condition is acted upon, the less effect it will have on your life.

One final note - in use, the OOSalarm can be extremely frustrating because it interrupts you every few minutes with a reminder. If this happens, remind yourself that this is a good thing, because it shows that you need the reminders.


  • Alarms repeat continuously between designated start and finish times on specified days;

  • Each alarm has a custom message and picture which you can choose;

  • Helps you to remember to take appropriate breaks during your workday;

  • AutoDismiss feature means you can rely on OOS Alarm to ensure you take breaks of the correct length;

  • Wait feature can force you to pause before dismissing an alarm. Useful to help force you to pay attention to the alarms.;

  • Can assist in the management of existing OOS conditions and assist in the prevention of new conditions;

  • Small memory footprint;

  • Window positions remembered between runs;

  • Persistant Alarms - stored in standard .INI file (no registry polution);

  • Free!

  • Minimize to System Tray;

  • Now has audible as well as visual alarms - play a sound as a reminder;

  • Supports Multiple monitor systems, showing the alarm on whichever monitor you’re working on at the time of the alarm;

  • Includes sample images to use when configuring your own reminders.

If you have any problems with OOSalarm, please email me and I’ll look into it.