Windows 7 Window Management

Friday, November 06 2009 ux

I’m one of the many who’ve been trying out the Windows 7 Release candidate - yes, I know that it’s available retail now, it’s on the Christmas list.

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Google's new Language

Friday, November 13 2009 random

So, Google’s got a new language - “Go” which seems pretty cool.

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Software Craftsmanship

Friday, November 13 2009 professional

Here’s something more serious - a manifesto for software craftsmanship:

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Group Inspector Update

Sunday, November 15 2009 group-inspector

I’ve updated Group Inspector with a couple of new features as requested by some initial users.

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Sequence diagrams in Visual Studio 2010

Monday, November 23 2009 visual-studio

This is pretty neat - Sequence Diagram generation in Visual Studio 2010.

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