Release 1.0.2411 - February 2014

  • Autosave of word difficulty information during drill

  • Fix for crash pressing “Play” with no phrase

  • Fix for incorrect links in License

Release 1.0.2325 - January 2014

Formal release with lots of bug fixes and a substantially improved UI.

  • Distributed as a proper installer

  • Supports editing of word lists within the application

  • Switch to JSON based file format

  • About screen with application details and links for more information

  • Logs any application errors to the Event Log

  • License now shareware style

Release 0.9 - March 2013

  • Added phrase for each word, allowing the student to hear the word in context

  • Increased the speed of speech

  • Improved contrast of text and other UX elements

  • Added ability to start a new drill directly from the results screen

  • Added weighting to retest problem words in subsequent drills

Release 0.8 - May 2012

  • Added guidance to the Modify Wordlist screen

  • Added version number to the About screen

  • Fix for blank words in a saved wordlist

  • Fix for sorting of wordlists on the main screen

  • Fix for inability to move the Wordtutor window when not maximized

  • Fix for incorrect behaviour during drill when no attempt has been made and “Enter” is pressed

Release 0.7 - May 2012

Public beta

  • Adds maintenance of a wordlist within the application

Release 0.5 - April 2012

First version to be shared with other people.

  • Adds summary screen to show mastered and problem words at the end of a practice drill

  • Remembers previously loaded wordlist files

Release 0.1 - March 2012

First version, written for Madeline’s exclusive use.

  • Loads list of words from a hard coded file