WordTutor is distributed as a zip file containing an installer, a ReadMe file and License details. Just run the included installer and you’re ready to go.

Like all simple tasks, however, there are ways that things can go wrong - here are some tips.

Unblock the download

Some browsers (like Internet Explorer) tag each file that you download - these “blocked” files can’t be used for much until you unblock them.

Before you extract the contents of the zip file, check the properties of the file to ensure it’s not blocked. Using Windows Explorer, context-click on the file, select Properties from the menu. If the file is blocked, press Unblock to allow the file to be extracted cleanly.

Requires .NET 4.0

Microsoft .NET is a widely used development platform - you need to have this installed for WordTutor to function.

If you are unsure whether your machine already has .NET, it’s a simple download from Microsoft.