WordTutor, the easy way to practice your spelling - a tool for running interactive spelling drills.

  • Allows you to practice your spelling at your own pace.

  • Uses speech synthesis to read out the word for you to spell.

  • Automatically retests you on words you get wrong.

  • Demonstrates the spelling of incorrect words both visually and audibly.

Why WordTutor?

Spelling is a critical part of good communication, so when I discovered my daughter needed some extra attention, helping her out became a priority.

Working with her to learn each weeks spelling list is one way I can (and do) help. But, her best learning time is after school, when I'm still at work, not after dinner or at bedtime.

By writing WordTutor, I've made it possible for her to drill her spelling at her pace in her own time. This practice not only improves her spelling, but it allows me to spend time working with her on the words she's finding difficult.

How does WordTutor work?

Give WordTutor a list of words you (or your child) need to be able to spell. WordTutor will randomly select some of these words and challenge you to type them in correctly. Each word is spoken aloud by the computer, and then you enter the word with the keyboard.

Get it right and move on to the next word. Get it wrong and WordTutor will review the spelling with you, both visually and audibly.

When you finish, WordTutor shows you the words you've mastered, those that have given you some problems and gives you the option of testing again.

Why drill with WordTutor?

WordTutor can be a useful in addition to one-on-one practice drills, allowing spelling practice to happen at any time, and allowing you to concentrate on the tougher words when you do work one-on-one.

WordTutor also has some advantages over a human … WordTutor is utterly patient and will wait indefinitely for a response. WordTutor’s choice of words to test is completely fair because it’s completely random. WordTutor will never get bored, and will happily repeat the spelling of any problem word as many times as required.