Scott Hanselman has a great list of Interview Questions for Senior Software Engineers.

Some of my favourites from the list include:

  • Who are the Gang of Four? Why should you care?

  • Describe a pattern that is not the Factory Pattern? How is it used and when?

  • You have just been put in charge of a legacy code project with maintainability problems. What kind of things would you look to improve to get the project on a stable footing?

  • Are you still writing code? Do you love it?

  • Tell me about some of your hobby projects that you’ve written in your off time.

  • Given Time, Cost, Client satisfaction and Best Practices, how will you prioritize them for a project you are working on? Explain why.

  • What value do daily builds, automated testing, and peer reviews add to a project? What disadvantages are there?

  • When do you know your code is ready for production?

Of course, this is just a sampling - those that stuck out to me when I read the full list. What are your favourites?


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