Document.Factory is your toolkit for automated document generation - a way to automate the production of reports and documentation by combining data, logic and presentation.

A project manager needing to produce multiple variations of the same document for different audiences can use Document.Factory to generate all the variations in a consistent way from a single source file.

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A software developer managing releases of a product can use Document.Factory to generate release notes describing each release in an automated way as a part of the software build process.

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Getting Started

To get started with the Document.Factory, download the zip file. The download includes both a reference manual and a collection of samples to get you started.

The Document.Factory manual covers:

Samples showing how the Document.Factory works include:

  • Simple Markdown rendering to HTML
  • Liquid Template rendering to HTML
  • Dynamic Title generation
  • Markdown generation with custom CSS
  • Active Directory query to generate HTML output