This is a presentation I put together for the inaugural ITx conference in October 2014, talking about a project that has become a key system for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

Here’s the abstract published at the conference:

The Financial Sector Information System (FSIS) is held out as a success story for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, since it went live—on time and on budget—in November 2009.

Thanks to FSIS, the Bank’s Statistics Unit were able to significantly improve their processes and analytics, grounded on the programming team’s ability to not just maintain, but adapt to the users’ evolving needs.

Senior Analyst Programmer Bevan Arps “lifts the lid” on this complex .NET system in this rare look into an organisation’s significant development project. Arps reveals what worked, what flopped, and what his team would have done differently, had they known better.


Audience Date
ITx Conference, Auckland October 2014