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What's the value of a failing unit test?

Saturday, April 08 2017 testing

As discussed last time, the value of a unit test comes when it fails, signaling that some necessary characteristic of the system is no longer present.

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What's the value of a passing unit test?

Sunday, April 02 2017 testing

A unit test that always passes has a certain value - but one that fails can be priceless. Think about the reasons why you might write unit tests for your code.

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Track your Test Coverage with OpenCover

Monday, September 19 2016 testing

Test coverage isn’t a perfect metric, but it is a useful one, and I’ve found that the OpenCover project is a useful way to keep an eye on code coverage in my own projects.

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Handling UAT if users constantly miss things

Saturday, July 28 2012 testing

Scott Hanselman tweeted:

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Reducing Software Defects

Friday, April 22 2011 testing

I saw a couple of disturbing statistics about software testing in the keynote at the recent New Zealand Application Lifecycle Management conference.

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