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Wither convention testing

Saturday, December 14 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp testing

Following on from our previous post on convention testing we can extend the conventions by considering the standards we want to follow when we write methods on our immutable types.

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Convention testing for immutable types

Saturday, November 30 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp testing

The Redux architecture we’re using for our application state relies on all our state objects being properly immutable. So far, we’ve relied on nothing more than self-discipline to ensure no mistakes are made. By adding some convention testing to our project, we can enlist some help in avoiding common errors.

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Integration Testing

Saturday, July 20 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp testing

In addition to the unit tests we’re already writing for each of our core classes, we should also write some integration tests to ensure our types interact properly.

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The curious case of the test that wouldn't run

Saturday, December 09 2017 testing

The first symptom I noticed was when some of my unit tests wouldn’t run inside Visual Studio 2017. This wasn’t a simple case where a particular test failed, rather the problem was that the test wouldn’t run at all.

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Getting Started with FsCheck

Saturday, July 01 2017 testing

Can we just ignore the fact that the Getting Started post is my third in the series on FsCheck? This is what happens when I just start blogging about interesting things without planning out the series of posts in advance.

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Shrinking and Equality Testing with FsCheck

Saturday, June 24 2017 testing

In last week’s Property Testing with FsCheck, we saw how to write a couple of simple tests to check that an implementation of .Equals() was correct. We didn’t see what happens when the test fails, nor what we can do to make that failure easier to understand.

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