Posts about techniques, tools and tips for better software testing.

Track your Test Coverage with OpenCover

Monday, September 19 2016 testing

Test coverage isn’t a perfect metric, but it is a useful one, and I’ve found that the OpenCover project is a useful way to keep an eye on code coverage in my own projects.

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Handling UAT if users constantly miss things

Saturday, July 28 2012 testing

Scott Hanselman tweeted:

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Reducing Software Defects

Friday, April 22 2011 testing

I saw a couple of disturbing statistics about software testing in the keynote at the recent New Zealand Application Lifecycle Management conference.

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Lets Play

Monday, January 03 2011 testing

If you’re still working on getting your head around TDD, you could do a lot worse than following James Shore’s series Let’s Play, a growing series of web casts that show TDD in a real life project.

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Asserting Convention

Monday, May 10 2010 testing

I’m using PostSharp on a project, with a custom aspect that provides standard handling for authentication and authorisation.

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The Art of Unit Testing

Wednesday, September 23 2009 testing

It appears there are those who think it’s perfectly Ok to steal Roy Osherove’s latest book, “The Art of Unit Testing”.

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Testing and Static Methods

Tuesday, September 01 2009 testing

I’m working with a large codebase at the moment, trying to write unit tests to ensure that the changes I’m making aren’t compromising the existing code.

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Conscious Development

Wednesday, August 06 2008 testing

I’m working on a couple of minor personal projects at the moment, and I’m using them as an opportunity to try and hone my skills at TDD/BDD style development. Even though I first heard about TDD some years ago, I haven’t yet made the breakthrough where it becomes automatic. I guess I’m still at the conscious competence stage of skill acquisition. I figured it would be useful to share a couple of things that I’ve found to be useful.

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