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Equality has Symmetry

Saturday, March 17 2018 equality csharp

If we’re going to implement equality correctly, we need to consider the contract we’re implementing - what are the characteristics of a proper implementation of equality? The first characteristic we need to consider is symmetry.

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Type Miscellany

Sunday, March 05 2017 immutable-types csharp

As we near the end of this series on immutable types (for now, anyway), here’s a grab bag of things that didn’t seem to fit elsewhere.

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Testing Immutable Types

Saturday, February 25 2017 immutable-types csharp testing

As alluded to previously, having a good suite of unit tests is critical for ensuring these immutable instances do what they should - after all, there’s no point in having a queue or stack that doesn’t behave.

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Factory Methods

Saturday, February 18 2017 immutable-types csharp

Our stacks and queues don’t exist in isolation - they have to interoperate with standard framework classes and other domain constructs to be useful. For example, it is extremely useful to have some factory methods to make it easier to construct stacks and queues from existing lists and sequences.

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Queue Concatenation

Saturday, February 11 2017 immutable-types csharp

If you have a whole sequence of items you want to add to an existing IImmutableQueue<T>, it’s pretty simple to write a loop to add them all. We can make this even easier by writing a simple extension method that handles the looping on our behalf.

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Complex Queues

Saturday, February 04 2017 immutable-types csharp

As discussed last time, the solution to our performance problem is to ensure our _inbound stack doesn’t get too large before we reverse it. This means we need to reverse it early; we can’t leave reversal until it’s needed to replace _outbound.

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The Problem with the Simple Queue

Saturday, January 28 2017 immutable-types csharp

In my posts Simple Immutable Queues and Enumeration of Immutable Queues I’ve alluded to a nasty flaw that’s waiting to bite. What is that flaw, and why do we need to worry?

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Enumeration of Queues

Saturday, January 21 2017 immutable-types csharp

We previously enabled enumeration of our immutable stacks - we should do the same for our immutable queues. Unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated this time around. (For those looking to the solution to the puzzle posed at the end of my earlier post, you’ll need to wait until next time - but read to the end of this post for a clue.)

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Reversing Stacks

Saturday, January 14 2017 immutable-types csharp

It turns out that I omitted the implementation of .Reverse() from my recent post Immutable Stacks Miscellany. Given that a friend has identified an alternative way to implement this, we’ll take a minor detour.

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Simple Queues

Saturday, January 07 2017 immutable-types csharp

Thinking about the functionality we need from a simple immutable queue, we need to easily add a new item onto the end of the queue, and to easily remove an existing item from the front of the queue.

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