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WPF Design Patterns: Window Manager

Sunday, August 23 2015 wpf

Continuing with the theme started last week of talking about useful design patterns for WPF software development, this week I’m talking about the Window Manager pattern.

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WPF Design Patterns: Event Aggregator

Sunday, August 16 2015 wpf

A lot has been written about some core WPF design patterns - particularly the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) pattern and the comprehensive data-binding and data-template support that makes it work so well. However, those patterns by themselves aren’t sufficient to create a full WPF application.

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WPF Ribbon and the Application Menu

Sunday, August 09 2015 wpf

The application menu is an essential part of the fluent (or ribbon based) user experience. Microsoft’s own ribbon design guidelines for the use of the ribbon make this abundantly clear:

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WPF Ribbon in .NET

Sunday, August 02 2015 wpf

While the new shiny web development features of the latest version of .NET are attractive, it’s also important to keep track of improvements in other areas - like WPF. After all, not all development is web based - not even all of the greenfield projects. Some of it is based on rich clients, such as those you’d write in WPF or Windows Forms.

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The case of the InfiniteGridSizeException

Sunday, April 14 2013 wpf

When working with the DevExpress WPF GridControl, you can get an InfiniteGridSizeException thrown if the grid is in a container with potentially infinite height.

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