Posts about the Visual Studio integrated development environment.

Why Monospaced Fonts?

Sunday, January 24 2016 visual-studio

Why is it that most developers use a monospaced font for their code?

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Visual Studio and IIS Autoconfiguration

Sunday, March 23 2014 visual-studio

Visual Studio has a nice feature where it can automatically reconfigure IIS for you when you run a suitable “services” project.

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DEV311 Snippet Demos

Friday, September 07 2012 visual-studio

Thanks to everyone who came along to my DEV311 at TechEd New Zealand yesterday. Here’s the low down on the snippets demo that didn’t work the way it should on the day …

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Visual Studio 2012 RC Woes

Sunday, June 17 2012 visual-studio

I’m a little bit jealous of those of you playing with the new Visual Studio 2012 RC - for me it won’t install at all:

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The Unwanted WCF Service Host

Wednesday, February 15 2012 visual-studio

If you’re writing a self-hosted WCF service (one that’s hosted by your own application, not by IIS) and Visual Studio’s WCF Service Host keeps popping up whenever you want to debug your application, here’s how to turn it off.

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