Posts about the Visual Studio integrated development environment.

Converting projects to new csproj

Saturday, June 02 2018 visual-studio

I’m sure I’m not the only experienced C# developer who finds the classic csproj file format to be more than a little inscrutable - difficult to read and understand.

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Custom Inspection Patterns in Resharper

Saturday, July 08 2017 visual-studio

I’m converting my Niche CommandLine library across to use Fluent Assertions. This means updating well over a hundred unit tests to use the new style. Fortunately, Resharper makes this a non-tedious task.

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Why Monospaced Fonts?

Sunday, January 24 2016 visual-studio

Why is it that most developers use a monospaced font for their code?

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Visual Studio and IIS Autoconfiguration

Sunday, March 23 2014 visual-studio

Visual Studio has a nice feature where it can automatically reconfigure IIS for you when you run a suitable “services” project.

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DEV311 Snippet Demos

Friday, September 07 2012 visual-studio

Thanks to everyone who came along to my DEV311 at TechEd New Zealand yesterday. Here’s the low down on the snippets demo that didn’t work the way it should on the day …

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