PowerShell is Microsoft’s next generation console - a fully object oriented command line with integration into a suprising variety of tools.

Checklists, Automation and Consistency

Sunday, July 19 2015 deployment powershell

Check out the post “14 lessons after five years of professional programming” over on siavosh’s blog. It’s a great list, but I’d like to expand on one item: Check lists are your friends.

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HTML to Markdown with Powershell

Saturday, May 24 2014 powershell

I’m working through converting my blog from Drupal to Jekyll (it’s a long story) and one of the things I needed to do is to convert a bunch of posts originally written in HTML into Markdown. With a little application of PowerShell, most of the heavy lifting was done fairly quickly - leaving just a manual review and tweak of each post.

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Powershell Prompts

Thursday, December 12 2013 powershell

Here’s a useful Powershell trick.

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Powershell Rocks

Friday, December 14 2012 powershell

Ran into an interesting problem today - a PowerShell script I’ve been using for deploying new releases into test environments started misbehaving.

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It's a (PowerShell) Trap

Friday, January 06 2012 powershell

Here’s a PowerShell trap that needs better publicity - if you have both x64 and x86 versions of PowerShell installed (say, as you would on Windows Server 2008 R2), their security policies are independent.

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