PowerShell is Microsoft’s next generation console - a fully object oriented command line with integration into a suprising variety of tools.

Coverage History with Psake

Saturday, November 18 2017 powershell

On my previous post on code coverage, someone asked if the coverage report could highlight areas where coverage decreased. It turns out that ReportGenerator can do this, but there’s room for improvement.

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Tracking time with Psake

Saturday, November 11 2017 powershell

For diagnostic purposes, it can often be useful to know when specific build tasks started and how long they took to execute. This information can help you spot anomalies and resolve odd issues.

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The day my Psake build broke

Saturday, November 04 2017 powershell

Recently, one of my build scripts failed with an odd error, claiming that the application wasn’t recognized. Given that the script had been working fine the previous day, this error was rather confusing.

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NuGet, .NET Core and Psake

Saturday, October 28 2017 powershell

After my previous post on upgrading my project to compile with .NET Core, I found some unexpected issues compiling my NuGet package.

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.NET Core with Psake

Saturday, October 21 2017 powershell

Part way through writing this series, I decided to convert the Niche.CommandLine project to .NET Core, which of course required a bunch of changes to the Psake build script. Let’s look at what was required.

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