PowerShell is Microsoft’s next generation console - a fully object oriented command line with integration into a suprising variety of tools.

Test Coverage Reporting with Psake

Saturday, October 07 2017 powershell

Building on our previous post, we can take the coverage information generated by OpenCover and generate a report that shows us where our coverage is lacking.

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Test Coverage with Psake

Saturday, September 30 2017 powershell

Once you have a reasonable suite of unit tests, you might start to wonder how much of your code is properly tested. Measuring coverage gives one perspective, and it’s one we can easily add to our builds.

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NuGet packaging with Psake

Saturday, September 23 2017 powershell

While NuGet provides all the power needed to explicitly control every aspect of a package (something the exacting control freak in me really appreciates), a simple project like this doesn’t need anything more than the standard conventions.

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Semantic versioning with Psake

Saturday, September 16 2017 powershell

Perhaps the most significant problem with the simplistic versioning system we put into place last time is that we can get the same version number generated on different branches. Fortunately, semantic versioning gives us room to fix this by adding a descriptive suffix to the build number.

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Versioning with Psake

Saturday, September 09 2017 powershell

Version numbering is an odd detail - one we can (and should) easily ignore at the start of a project. There comes a point, however, where we find that version numbering is vitally useful. At that point, we usually discover that we should have started versioning things about six months ago … and now we have a mess to clean up.

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