PowerShell is Microsoft’s next generation console - a fully object oriented command line with integration into a suprising variety of tools.

Automated Inbox Cleanup with PowerShell

Saturday, May 30 2020 powershell

This week I discovered that my Inbox had ballooned to over 20k messages. It was in desperate need of a clean-up. Here is how I automated that clean-up, getting it down to just under 1500 messages.

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PowerShell provides a helping hand

Saturday, January 26 2019 powershell

Almost any repetitive action that you do over and over can be automated. It’s not always the big things that need automation - sometimes all you need is a little helping hand. PowerShell is great for this - here’s an example.

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Bootstrapping a Psake build

Saturday, September 01 2018 psake powershell

The PowerShell based tool psake is a great way to orchestrate a build. It can also be used for many other kinds of orchestration. One of the trickiest parts is kicking off the process in the first place.

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A Tale of Minification

Saturday, February 17 2018 powershell

After noticing an oddity while publishing an update to this site, I ended up investigating minification as a way to ensure the results were more consistent.

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A Productivity Prompt for PowerShell

Saturday, February 10 2018 powershell

Customizing your PowerShell prompt is an easy way to level-up your productivity in PowerShell. Here’s an update to my 2013 post that shows how my current prompt is constructed.

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Test Coverage History

Saturday, November 18 2017 psake powershell

On my previous post on code coverage, someone asked if the coverage report could highlight areas where coverage decreased. It turns out that ReportGenerator can do this, but there’s room for improvement.

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